Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wasn’t Dealt a Fair Hand

Wasn’t Dealt a Fair Hand

wasn’t dealt a fair hand
the first to admit
wasn’t playing with a full bag
of nuts, never bluff on an
empty sack

and never look back

so the best hand’s gone to another man
go on and play another hand
you’re on a real short stack

you’ve got no givings, only misses
what’s in your buckle now?
‘smore than wishes
play’s you go you gone
swim with the fishes

looks like the table’s yours now
well better rake it in

sweep it like a sand castle
king of table manners

you know we wont take back
what’s yours

looks like the whole rack
everything’s at your disposal
you got it all man

you know you played your stack

-Bree 2008

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