Sunday, May 22, 2011


and we all know the way
and we all see at times
but some walk the beam
while others must strive

and yet in colliding we tend
to remind one another to
lay low, to hover, and
let it all go

and to live without knowing the way.

and there isnt any age when life
eases up cuz its all the same,
we’re just different

and the leaf speaks the same
as poet or philosopher,
knowing what’s what

takes homogenous thought
and a rhythm-trained ear

for progress travels in sound
aging want for the music life
lends to the listening

-Bree 2000

Turned On

Turned on is inclusive
its more than just mind
its legs and its juices
all flowing in their time

Its notes beat out,
predicting our next move

It’s a tiny melody
waiting in the wings.

Turned on is contagious,
it breeds more of the same.

Keep movings with these rhythms, babe.

Its more,
its more,
its yours and mine,
its fine, its fine.

Turned on is elusive,
a poem off its mind.
With words at its sluices,
they slip away sometimes,
(its fine).

-Bree 2000

First Class Citizen

I stand above a valley, peering out over
brocolli carpet, those tall trees,
waiting like a welcome mat.

I bobble back and forth, I play with death,
and then I take a step back, laughing at my naughtiness.

And I know, and I know that the climb back up’s
a hearty one, I take the bike path instead.
Smiling at the passers by, I pass on
the left, I am the first class citizen.

Don’t give disturbing thoughts encouragement
if you know what’s good for you.

And don’t heed the preacher, don’t stay in bed,
get up! Get out and live instead.

And don’t listen to your mom, don’t listen to your dad,just listen to the voices inside your head.

And don’t pick the flowers, don’t feed the bears
If you know whats good for you
if you know whats good for you.

-Bree 1996

Teacher, Thing Of Beauty

what i see
i can’t remember,
what i hear
i might forget,
when u show me
with yr hands,
like that,
u know i’ll never quit

because to learn is a thing
of beauty, once u know
it becomes yr duty
to do a thing right every
time, please do it quick!

(o, do it quick)
because to learn
is a genuine diamond
with a hardness i’m
findin hard to resist,

with my hands in a fist
i can’t take yr gifts,
o, teacher, won’t ya
school me,

please don’t be cruel to me,
so much is new to me,
all i know’s what i see
i can’t remember,
what i hear
i’ll soon forget

when u show me with
yr hands like that
u’ll find i’m not so thick
because to learn is a
thing of beauty, and yr it, it, it, it, it.

-Bree 2010