Friday, November 26, 2010

Dust Catcher

Dust Catcher

Daddy u mean vacuum cleaner, uh huh.
U sucked the dirt from my face, ass and
hips, losing traces of my heart in the
process, with openings
diamonds take years to grow in.

Daddy, u stole my hot breath
till it ran cold and smooth as
a statue’s, its hard to move.
For we are the dust catchers, we two.
U are a vacuum, and I am a witch who
got carried away by her broom.

U chopped off my leg to make it
easier to sweep, but u lost the
attachment, so now I’ve a visible limp,
(don’t think they wont notice)

Please replace my calve with that
rosebush braided, to persuade nasty men
with my thorns to think again before
climbing my sex.

You and I with our brooms will sit
chins in our hands, alone in our rooms
and we’ll catch any dust as it settles.

Mesmerized by ceramic, and careful
not to slip, I’ll study your mad tattoo
leaving my arms open, Daddy
I’m your little girl.

-Bree 1992

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